Maybe you’ve read a bunch of e-books or done some courses you downloaded from torrent. But you haven’t made any money, and don’t/can’t invest any capital upfront.

5 Steps To $500 In ONE DAY With No Capital/Experience - Real Method
5 Steps To $500 In ONE DAY With No Capital/Experience – Real Method

What Do You Do?

Here’s a trick I pulled when I was in that same position back last year that made me $500 in one day. TBH, it’s a dick move that you shouldn’t be proud of. Maybe you’ll use it and bank. Maybe not. Either way, it’s a fun story that made me realize the power of online business and actually did launch me into bigger and better things.

What You Will Need:

  1. A Facebook Account
  2. Decent English Skills
  3. An Adfly/Link Shortener Account
  4. Some Sort of Affiliate Program Account. Preferably Amazon.


Find 45-50 “unofficial” fan pages on Facebook with 500K+ likes. I’d find pages related to video games, food, home and kitchen, or celebrity fan pages. Basically, something that isn’t official and you suspect might be run by a bunch of gullible high school students.

Message them with a reasonable offer to buy their site. For a 1M page, I offered $8K. To my surprise, around half of pages replied with interest. Some of them bargained up. Play it up, refuse to bargain, then budge up slightly if they don’t.

Here’s the key: you’re not actually buying it from them. You’re just pretending too and being resistant to bargaining actually makes they trust you more. Use your resources to do whatever you can to make it seem that you can afford to buy their page.

Ask for a one-week trial where you get to use their page as a “content-creator”. Be explicit about the fact that you’ll be using links to track sales and determine the profitability of the page. I got around 10 pages to agree to this.

Optional: Offer them some token amount/something of value in exchange for the trial run

Monetize their site with link shortens and affiliate links!!! Simply craft some post that’s related to their audience and insert your links in the posts. My best converting posts were image posts of some sort of “shut up and take my money” type merchandise that would appeal to the audience. The fans LOVED that. Use your judgment on how much to post, and make sure not to overdo it. I can’t remember if I used link shortens and affiliate links at the same time, but I would recommend against that now

Important: After each post, DOWNPLAY your earnings to the owners. I would make one of those posts and then message them something like “WTF.

Why has no one bought yet?”

My Earnings For One Week:

Adfly: ($4/1000) * ~60K views = ~$240
Amazon: 4-10% * $35,000 = ~$260
Total: ~$500.

After you’ve made your money during the one week “trial,” you can do two things.

A- Complain that you didn’t make any money, and need another week to determine if you want to buy.

B- If they haven’t monetized their page (well) already, tell them you decided to buy another page but show them how much you made in one week. A few of the owners were surprised at how much they could make and either we got in a JV and both profited or they PAID me to teach them how to monetize!!!

This is why I tell people who want to get started in the online space to just f***ing START. JUST START. Whatever your idea/scheme is, don’t spend so much time lurking and stop buying expensive courses until you’re actually making money. JUST START. And don’t lose hope when you fail. You learn what works along the way, and each venture probably leads to something better.

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