Earn $100 Daily By This Unique CPA Method – This method works well and is one of my white hat bread winners. I put a twist of my own and it has been a smashing success and it does not really take too much work to get started. I generate over 10k a month on a slow month with 8 websites doing this.

You will need a domain, hosting and access to CPA accounts.

Make Money $100 Daily By This Unique CPA Method

Earn $100 Daily By This Unique CPA Method
Earn $100 Daily By This Unique CPA Method

This method involves creating a real estate website and to be more specific, it will be an apartment search website and you will generate revenue from a CPA offers and adSense (i will explain this later on). It may take a few days (maybe more) to build the website, although once its complete, you will just need one or two hours per day promoting it and watch then money start flowing in.

Ok let’s get started.

Step 1.

First of all, you will need to pick a city in which you will target. The larger the city, the better, for example NY, LA, Chicago etc. Once you decide on a city, register a domain ex. LA Apartment Search. Once you have a domain it’s time to start building.

Step 2.

Now we are going to build our website. I prefer to use WordPress, although you could choose whatever you like. Now go visit classified websites and search for apartment listings for the city that you are targeting. Copy the picture and all the details including the contact name of the landlord/agent or homeowner. Try to gather at least 30 – 40 apartment listings and paste them onto notepad for now.

Step 3.

Earn $100 Daily By This Unique CPA Method
Earn $100 Daily By This Unique CPA Method

Once we have all the apartment listings, it’s time to put the website together. Remember to take the time to make this website user-friendly and look professional. Now when adding your listings, make sure the image is linked to a new page so when users click on the image a new page will open up with all the details and contact info. I used 300 w x 200 h thumbnails. You could also create a text link or image with ” More Details “.

Step 4.

On the ” More details ” page, you will add the picture again with all the details and also add a contact form. Enter the contact email address of the owner/agent/landlord so that they will receive all the inquiries. Now on this page you will add some text which will suggest users to obtain a copy of their credit score.

Ex. Most landlords request a credit report. If you do not have one, click here < your CPA offer>.

Step 5.

Now add your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages with a link at the bottom of the page. Once again, take your time to build this website and you will reap the rewards. Also include a link for landlords/agents/owners to contact you so they could request to remove their apartment listing. Most are very friendly and will thank you.

Also, put up your adSense ads as this will also help accumulate your earnings. I have never had any trouble at all getting paid from adSense for the past 4 years.

Step 6.

Promotion. Now you are going to promote your website like mad. Start posting in classified websites all your listings. The more, the better. If you cannot post links in your ad, just simply reply to them by email with a link to your website.

Earn $100 Daily By This Unique CPA Method
Earn $100 Daily By This Unique CPA Method

Now sit back and watch all the barrels of cash roll in.:)

I am going to say this once again. Make sure your website is Legit. Do not use any fake listings, you will only get yourself in trouble.

Keep it real and i assure you will not have any troubles. I have promoted 8-10 CR offers and i did not receive 1 complain.

Paid on time every time, no questions asked.


I’ve got another twist to this method for the noobs who can’t afford a domain name and hosting and for the lazy who doesn’t want to create a site. It just depends on if it makes you feel guilty as this twist involves lying.

Instead of the apartment niche go for the employment niche. Everyone is looking for employment, right? So you just post any job that sounds attractive but believable (not some spammy looking), then when people start replying to your ad (which they will as the employment niche has tons of traffic), so once they start replying you make up some more crap about what the job involves and then ask them if they are ready for the next step of the application process. Then wait for them to reply and once they do you can do any of the following:

– Find a relevant survey CPA offer, then they fill out the survey thinking it’s an application form.

– Tell them they need a credit check done with your special company (there’s nothing special about it but they won’t know this).

– Tell them they need to watch a video to see the application process then change a random video file to an un-open-able file and tell them they need a special media player app to open it, there’s many CPA offers where the user only needs to download a media player and you get $1.25 per install.

The list of ways to convert these people is endless, above are just a few ideas that work pretty well. Of course not everyone is going to convert as many people won’t fall for this. This twist isn’t for the care bears, but it will be good for noobs who are desperate to earn quick money without needing to have a site, you can send a direct link to your CPA offer and blank the referrer. The opportunities are endless…


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