Many Guys struggling to earn minimum bucks from CPA. Recently someone posted a journey regarding MaxBounty and OG ads and i saw many comments on how he was doing. I am not revealing the tricks of him but i am going to post similar method to earn some bucks so that you can further scale, and invest on your CPA campaigns.

Earn 50$ A Day Using This Secret Traffic

Earn 50$ A Day Using This Secret Traffic
Earn 50$ A Day Using This Secret Traffic

Its an adult method using Third party network and driving traffic to your website.

First Step is that you have to signup to CPA networks like PeerFly or MaxBounty.

Step 1: Signup To Any CPA networks that provides good Dating offers.
Step 2: The offer should be SOI ( single opt in) which means if a user inputs his email the offer will convert.
Step 3: Make A good landing Page Related to that Offer.

Step 4: Download Primo app on your smart phone.

Step 5: Now choose foreign number, they will give you for free if you are using it for first time or you can buy it’s really very cheap like less than $1
Step 6: Download whatsapp on your smartphone and register using the primo number that you got from the primo app
Step 7: upload a good looking DP of a girl and create whatsapp account.
Step 8: Now The final steps are here. Go to twoo .com and signup there.
Step 9: choose location where your CPA offer is targeted.
Step 10: now go on liking people according to the offer requirement like age and sex and location.

Step 11: chat with them and give your whatsapp number saying you wanna talk them in whatsapp.
Step 12: People will start sending message on your account and just add them in whatsapp
Step 13: Once they add you in whatsapp seduce them and say that your pics and videos are somewhere in other network and give the link to your landing page through your whatsapp.
Step 14: Once they signup you will get a conversion.
Dont panic if the ctr is too high they will not ban your account but instead they may pull out the particular offer once you got a payment.
Step 14: Repeat and rinse.

This method is easy and its similar in case of Instagram just you have to do is using same trick follow people based on offer requirement and you will earn $$$.

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