How To Earn $300/Week – Private Method To Make Money On Autopilot: I am giving away for free my private way that I personally use to make $300-$400 a week e-whoring on Auto-Pilot.

How To Earn $300/Week - Private Method To Make Money On Autopilot
How To Earn $300/Week – Private Method To Make Money On Autopilot

It not involves Skype, KIK, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. It is something you probably would have not seen before.

I have written it step-by-step in form of eBook and have included pictures to make it easy to understand. I was thinking for selling it for $35 a copy but have changed by mind and giving it away for free for VIP members, but thinking of giving away limited copies.

I have made a total of around $2500+ from it and it still making $400+/week from it. It uses a very unsaturated traffic source, which cannot be saturated because its huge.


To get started firstly you will create an account at Pinterest. Make sure you verify the email after creating the Pinterest account.

After signup you will be asked to choose your interests. You can choose anything that you think an average women would be interested in (like fitness, food, makeup, fashion, cars, travel, etc.) click the button “Done” after selecting (at least 5) topics of interests.

Wait a few seconds while they are building a home page related to the interests you selected.

You now have to edit your profile. It should look realistic, it should not look professional, and it will look fake if you use a name of a famous girl or picture of a very hot girl. Your profile should not look like a spam account.


Now you will create a board. Go to your Profile and click the red plus button.

Now you have to give your board a name, give it a name according to what you are going to share in it. You will be sharing pictures of different hot girls in your board so you can name it “Sexy Girls” or something similar.

A board with the name you gave will be created.

Now you have to edit it and give it a description and select its category, as

category you can either choose “Entertainment” or “Photography”.

Make sure you have at least 10 boards with different topics, like “hot girls”, “Boobs”, “Relationship”, “Nasty Quotes”, etc. The more boards the better.



Now you need pins in your board. To get an idea of what type of pins are best for boards you will check the top boards related to sex/beauty/girls. You will enter a keyword related to sex in the search bar and hit enter.

You will now see this, now you will click on “All Pins” and choose “Boards”.

Now will see some of the top boards in this keyword.

You now have to visit some of these boards and check their content (pins) to get idea about the type of pins that you will add to your board in future as you have to show your audience quality content not spam.

Here is example of a great board with great content:

You can visit different boards (related to yours) and save pins to your board, this is called “Re-pin”. You have to Re-pin pictures of other girls to your board as well.

To do this click on red “Save” button.

And save it to your board.

I would recommend you to follow 100-200 people/boards related to your niche, following these people and boards will give you TONS of relevant content to re-pin from your homefeed to your boards.

You don’t have to just to Re-pin pictures of other girls, you have to add pictures from your ewhore pack too (pretending that it’s you), in these pictures you can add a short description like “feeling moody today”, etc.

To add your own pin, go to your profile, click on “Pin”, and then click on the red plus button above “Save Pin”

Now click on “Your device”

Now click “Choose photo” and select the photo you want to upload.

Now add short description to it related to your picture and click “Save”.

You can do this daily and 10-30 re-pins (from other board) and 1-3 pins (from your ewhore pack) to your board.


What is Group Board? A group board on Pinterest is owned by one person who adds other pinners who can then contribute pins to that board.

The best part about Group boards is that… they work on autopilot.

The idea is to invite other users in, so they do the work for you! They voluntary pin their favorite pins to your boards and your boards grow exponentially!

Once their followers see where they are pinning, they will start following that board and automatically follow you too!

You can start inviting others to your board once your board has at least 50 pins and 100-200 real followers.

Here are steps how to invite others to your board:

  1. Find users that post content similar to yours.
  2. Follow them and their board.
  3. Click on the plus button next to your profile in your board.

  1. Enter the name of users that followed you back and invite them.

Remember: this would not work if you invite spammers! It can actually hurt you if you keep spammers in your board.

However, from time to time, you will let in a spammer. Don’t worry! It’s not the worst thing that can happen! You can easily block that user and all of his pin in your board will be deleted!

Just go to edit board -> remove user -> block user.

And you’re done! No more spamming from that guy. Make sure you block every user that post irrelevant content, low quality content or post advertisements in your board.


Now you are going to sell your ewhore pack on Pinterest saying that you are selling your nudes. You are not going to sell them manually, but will sell them on autopilot 🙂 You can start doing these steps after your board reaches at least 3000 followers.

  1. Make an account on a payment gateway site like,,,, etc. (This tutorial will use as example)
  2. Go to this link and add your PayPal email in payment settings.

  1. Now go to and click on “File download”

  1. Fill the information

  1. Upload your pack

  1. Set a price, you can set a price from $10 to $27.

  1. Tick “Show PinIt button” and click “Add product”

  1. It will look like this, click on “Pin it” button.

  1. Click on the picture of the girl

  1. Choose your board and click “Save”.

  1. Now it is successfully saved, click on “See it now” if you want to see it.

It will look like the picture below and because your boards have a lot of followers/traffic from horny guys there will be many people that will click on “Visit” button and many of them will buy too 🙂 Even if just 20 people buy it and you are selling it for $27 then its $540 profit! You can post a pin selling nudes once every week (posting it daily would be spammy).

To inspire you here are some of my earnings:

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