How To Unblock Telegram Messenger App In Russia,China and Indonesia etc.

Want to Unblock Telegram Messenger Application in Russia, Indonesia, China and other countries. This article will give you the possible method to unblock Telegram application in almost all countries.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free messenger app for all platforms. They not only provide apps for mobiles like Android, iPhone and Windows Phone but also for Desktops like Windows and Mac OS. It encrypts the messages so that no one can see them. It is the most secure messenger app.

How To Unblock Telegram Messenger App In Russia,China and Indonesia?

How To Unblock Telegram Messenger App In Russia,China and Indonesia

Why Many Countries Banning Telegram?

Since it is a most secure app, Governments can not monitor the messages even they have sent from the Terrorists. Showing security reasons, Many countries like China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran has already banned Telegram. Recently Russia has banned the Telegram app where Telegram has at least 9 Million users.

Governments are banning Telegram for their security. Because of that many users are getting trouble. They might want to use the app even if Government had blocked the app.

How to Unblock Telegram Application?

Do you know, you can unblock any app or any website which was banned in your country.

Every country has the certain range of IP addresses. You just need to use the IP of the different country to unblock the content which was banned in your country. When you change the IP of your device, you will be virtually in another country. So you can access anything like Telegram app without any worries.

Of course, you might find many methods to change the IP address of your device. But I suggest you a VPN service to change the IP of your device because of below reasons.


Why VPN Service?

  1. VPN services maintain servers almost in every country worldwide. You can select any one country server.
  2. VPN services encrypt the data so that no one can hack or track your online activity. Even your Government cannot see your activity.
  3. They don’t keep logs so that no one can access your online activity history.
  4. You can unblock any website like Torrent websites.
  5. They give mobile apps to unblock any type of apps like Telegram.
  6. They give many more features. You just read What is VPN service for complete details.

How to Chose a Best VPN?

There are many Top VPN services available. Price range starts from $1 per month. You can choose any one according to your requirement. We have a complete VPN buying guide.

If you don’t want to waste time to read the buying guide, I can directly suggest you NordVPN (77% discounted link) which is the cheap and best VPN. It gives you every feature for the affordable price. They give you special offers for the annual, Biannual, and triannual plans. You need to check Our NordVPN discount coupon page for the latest offers.

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