Make $1000’s a Week with Torrents and CPA/PPL – 100% Working- The Method is Quite Simple and Easy. Follow the Steps and Earn Upto $1000 Per Week

Part One Torrents: Your Path to Riches

Intro: Torrents are file’s that contain information on other files that you are trying to download, be it music, movies, games, apps. or whatever.These are what people download to get to what they want, and these are what we’re going to use to make you money.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Utorrent downloaded and installed.
  • Some common sense to follow instructions carefully.

Patience. Start by downloading Utorrent by clicking on any of Following links below:

  • Install it by Running the Setup.
    Ok, now that you got it running, we’re going to make some adjustments, and tweak the software for maximum performance. To do this follow the instructions below:
  • Open Utorrent
  • Click on “Options” at the top of the screen then “Preferences”
  • Find the “Bitorrent” Tab and where it says “Number of Connections” put in 1000.
  • Click ok and close the screen.

Voila! You just tweaked Utorrent to Upload/Download faster which will be important. Now visit some of the websites below to get familiar with torrents. You’ll find just about anything you want, FOR FREE! Full version games and software, movies and dvd rips, music and albums…EVERYTHING! Try downloading a few things so you see how it works.

    Get it? Got it? Good!

Part Two CPA/PPL: Man’s Best Friend…Well at least it’s mines 😉

Intro: CPA/CPL (Cost Per Action)/(Pay Per Lead). Basically, these are various ways in which companies like to advertise. For instance, Sunsetter Awnings pay’s $10 Per Free Information Kit Request. Customer does not even have to purchase anything, all they have to do is give some information and BLAM! you get $10 bucks for them just signing up. Cool huh? So you make money for people just siging up to free stuff, inputting personal information like home phone, email, you know, that kinda thing. There are TON’s of different pay per lead programs out there that pay in range of $.25 – $100 per lead.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. A website
  2. Common Sense to follow instructions carefully.
  3. Time & Patience.

*Note: If you do not have a website, you will not be able to complete this next step. Free article websites are the best because you can put your ad’s on related topic pages so companies don’t get suspicious if they see 100 signups on a blank page. So go and get 300+ Pages of Content for your website at for only $9.99, totally worth it if you ask me. Ton’s of different Topics from A through Z. Just upload them to your server and your set.
The idea is to join PPL programs. Now this part is going to take some time. We are going to use CJ (Commission Junction) as our CPA Network. There are MANY different CPA Networks out there that I’ll list at the end but follow these instructions for now.
• Join CJ Application process may take a couple of days so be patient.

• Now when you are approved log in and find the “Get Links” tab. • There you’ll find a list of Advertiser Categories. Try typing in “Awnings” in the search box.

• You’ll then see a chart consisting of Advertisers, 3 Month EPC (USD) ,7 Day EPC (USD), Network Earnings, Sale blah blah…

• Click on “Sunsetter Awnings” which pays $10 per lead.

• A pop up will appear with the company description and stuff. Scroll down and find the “Apply to Program” button. Some advertisers manually check your site, others have automatic approval.

• When you are approved, go back to “Get Links” and this time click on “By Relationship”. There you’ll see Sunsetter awnings as one of your companies. Now that you’re there click on the “View Links” next to the advertiser’s name.

• There you’ll find a list of banner’s for the company that you can use that include you affiliate link. Look towards the right of the one you want to use and “Get HTML”.

• Now just copy and paste the HTML code in an HTML Editor and upload it to your site and your done.
Phew…now that that’s over, go get a drink and take a bathroom break while we continue to Part Three.

Part Three Creating Your Money Making Torrents

Intro: Ok so in part one you took a look around torrent sites and maybe even downloaded some yourself. In this section, you’ll learn how to create and seed those torrents. Creating torrents are simple as 123, ABC, baby you and me…haha. But seriously, it is. Seeding them is even easier, so let’s stop the fooling around and get to work.

Things You’ll Need:

1. Utorrent downloaded and installed.

2. A couple of small files about 1.5 – 10mb in size.

3. WinRar.

So what was the most popular torrent that you saw while browsing? I bet it was some kind of sex tape? Maybe a good movie or game? Porn downloads are crazy these days, thats why we’re going to create our own little “Porn Spoof”. The idea is to get people to download your torrent, not to actually share anything. So to do this, simply follow the instructions below:
Find a small file of video on your computer. If you dont have one, simply download one from limewire or something. Or create one in windows movie maker.

Next, rename that file to something you would most likely want to download. For instance, “Paris Hilton STOLEN SEX TAPE” or something around that.

Make sure you have WinRar installed, now right click on your file and there should be an “Add to Archive” tab. Click it.

Now you’ll see a check box towards the bottom right that says, “Lock Archive”. Lock it.

Scroll your eyes to the top and then you’ll find the “Advanced” Tab. Advance it.

On the right there should be a “Set a Password” button. Click it and set a password only you will know. Then click “Ok”. and then “Ok” again.

If you did it correct, you should see a .Rar file saved to the desktop. If you try and open it, you’ll be asked for a password. That means you did it correctly. If it doesn’t try again.
Ok take a quick breath…Inhale…Exhale…My fingers are starting to hurt, typing this for you 🙂
Now we’re going to generate the traffic and the actualy money making process. This is when the downloader of your “Spoof” file will come after they see that the file they downloaded is passworded (Is that even a word?) About 85% of those who download will do ANYTHING to get that password. So you being the smart guy that you are, having an affiliate pay per lead ad ready to give them their password ONLY AFTER they sign up. Clever ain’t it? The even Clevelier (Another word that isn’t a word) thing is, they won’t actually get the password. I’ll explain.
There is actually 2 ways you could do this. You could do it with a Webpage Shortcut or a Simple Text. Here’s the Webpage Shortcut Method:

Ok so you have your locked file, now what you’re going to do is right click anywher on your desktop and create a shortcut.

In the Create Shortcut screen you’ll type in the location of your WEB ADDRESS that has your affiliate banner posted. For example That would be the DIRECT link to your website/affiliate banner. On that page you would simply write, “To obtain your password Information, Click on the banner below and submit it using valid information. If the information is not valid, you will now recieve your password.” or something along that line.

When you go to type a name for your shortcut name it “Read Me First! Password Info!”

Now you have a locked .Rar file and an Internet Shortcut.
Now Heres the Simple Text Document:
Simple open up a new document using Notepad.

There you’ll write the following, “Thanks for downloading this torrent! To make use of this file and obtain your password please follow the link below.”

They’ll gladly follow your link to your website where you’ll have instructions for them to fill out your affiliate banner and such, creating a nice stream of traffic.
Ok let’s finish up the rest of the process:
Next, select both the .Rar file and the internet shortcut/Text Document, right click, and add them to a new archive. This time, DO NOT lock the archive and make sure to rename the file something different than the original locked .Rar. For instance: If your Original was “Paris Hilton SEX TAPE” name this one “Paris Hilton SEX VIDEO”

Now open up Utorrent and click on “File > Create New Torrent” Then “Add File” and look for your .Rar file and select it.

Now in the Add trackers, just copy and paste the following:


Click “Create and Save”

Make sure theres a Green Arrow, that indicates that the file you have is Seeding which is VERY important.

Now you’re done. On to the final Step.
Ok so now that you have you’re money making torrent live, its time to get people downloading them.

Part Four Uploading Your Torrents: Collecting The Loot

Intro: Ok so you learned about torrents. Signed up with some CPA/PPL programs and got your “spoof” torrents up and running. The last thing for you to do is get the torrent online and live for the world to see. This will be the final step of this documentation.
Things You’ll Need: 1. Stuff to spend you money on!
Ok to do this simply visit and register with any of the following sites below: I HIGHLY recommend Torrent Portal, cause they won’t give you the boot for uploading fake torrents. Next find the “Upload a Torrent” button and browse for your torrent. Upload it and watch the people flood in. Let your computer sit over night, literally making you money while you sleep. The best thing is, you can REPEAT this process over and over again, making your earnings literally infinite. But don’t let me stop you at Uploading sex tapes. Make your way to Software and Programs, Video Games, DVD Movies ect. The more you upload the more you make. The choice is yours.
Imagine 1000 peer’s downloading your file. 75% WILL do anything for that password. 750 (Peers) x $10 per lead = $7,500 Not bad for only an hour or two of work eh?


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