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The YouTube Code 2 PDF Guide Course

The YouTube Code 2
The YouTube Code 2 PDF Guide Course

This Guide Include:

Chapter 1 – Getting Started

Chapter 2 – Niche Marketing Fundamentals

Chapter 3 – Copyrighted Material And Fair Use

Chapter 4 – Harvest/Download/Make Unique/Upload!

Chapter 5 – How Too Promote Your Videos

Chapter 6 – Turning Viewers Into Gold

Chapter 7 – How Too Monetize Your Traffic

  • 7a. Domain parking
  • 7b. MFA websites
  • 7c. LEAD Generation
  • 7d. Affiliate Products

Chapter 8 – Bonus FaceBook Method

Chapter 9

  •  Bonus Yahoo Answers Method
  •  The Hot GF Method

Chapter 10 – Bypass FaceBook Friend Adding Group Adding, And Message Captchas

Chapter 10 – The Hot GF Method <BLACKHAT>

First, thanks for reading my e-book. I am sure you will feel enlightened by the time you finish reading all +50 pages. It is my hope to really teach you some important information regarding easy money making methods I still use to this day, and to do so in a way that is easy to comprehend. If you have any suggestions or criticism about the book, feel free to email me at: or instant message me on AIM, my screen name is simply “VOLCOM”.

I also hope this will end up behind your favorite guide too some of the newer methods of making money online. In my humble opinion, AdSense is not the correct choice anymore for someone just starting out online. I say this based off my own experiences when I myself first got into the internet marketing world.

I have many issues with AdSense, and these are a few

  1. Too really make money in AdSense, you need to invest in AdWords. I prefer no investment methods.
  2. Producing the quality content needed is too time consuming or too expensive to outsource.
  3. The profit you do make probably won‟t be worth the effort you put into it.
  4. CPA is just a million times better.

So, if you are still using AdSense, and making next to nothing, take this advice and go sign up for a quality CPA company. This will be your beginning to actually making a decent living online.

Some things to know about signing up for a CPA company (I‟m going to keep this short.)

  1. They will probably call you. They do this to confirm you gave them a real phone number and that your over age 18. The main purpose of this call is to ask you how you plan to promote their offers. You can tell them you plan on using Social Media to generate leads. They will be pleased with this answer, but still might require that you have an operational website that they can look at. It does not have to be a huge site or anything, just a blog with a few posts about making money online will do the trick. It does look better if it is not a free blog, though.
  2. You will be quickly banned from the Affiliate network for filling out your own offers. Don‟t do it…this is called criminal fraud.
  3. If you are making over $100 per day on any network, spread your earnings among several affiliate networks.

If you came to the conclusion that this E-Book is based on CPA, you would be correct.

First of all we need to think of something that people are passionate about.

I mean something they would die for, totally need or maybe just love. Take a pen and a bit of paper and brainstorm on ideas, as many as you can that would fit this subject. And I would recommend things that you can find online, and you can market something to these people (a product or something), and these are the types of people who are willing to spend cash on whatever you have to sell.

We need to check on these subject, just a little research and find out what they are willing to buy, or need to buy, or are going crazy looking to buy something that they need.

Of course I just give away what types of target audience you should be targeting, these types of people would do anything to cure.

Now we have a TARGET MARKET, as any good marketer should have. A good example of a target market would be Females between the Age of 16-21 who like make up. This is pretty well defined and targeted. It will be your job to figure out what a target market is looking for, provide them with it, and of course include a well targeted advertisement, since that‟s the whole point in the first place.

Since we are going to be making cash fast, we only have time to fully check up on one market.

Check out sites that have mailing lists, whether email or snail mail, look for groups of people who have already bought something in the area of interest.

You can also go and check out related forums like “heart attack forums” in Google, or “Panic disorder + anxiety” or “insomnia forums” things like this.

You can also check Google groups, yahoo groups and Yahoo answers, these types of things work also.

The best examples of the people you are trying to target would be.

Gamblers in debt.

People whose home is about to be foreclosed People about to go out of business.

Students who need money to enroll People who want to get rich quick, Parents with children needing legal help Insurance agents, doctors, therapists, who have failed or fear failing there exams, Women who can not get pregnant, Women scared of husbands having affairs, Men who cant get women at all, People with illnesses who cant get better and running out of time, People who have work drug tests coming up soon.

You can see how desperate these people will be, and are willing to spend a little cash on products that will help them. Expand on this list with some of your own ideas of people who you can make money off of.


Author Michael Jeffreys personally interviewed 15 top motivational gurus in 1997 for his then upcoming book. After talking to gurus from Brian Tracy to Dr. Wayne Dyer, he distilled 8 Secrets to Success they all agreed upon. These secrets are still good today and are as follows:

  1. Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life – In a society where people blame everything from their parents to the government for failure, those who don‟t buy into this mentality or succumb to the “victim” thinking succeed. To blame something or somebody outside yourself is saying they have control of your life and not you. Someone else‟s opinion of you doesn‟t have to become your reality.
  2. Live Your Life On Purpose – What separates motivational thinkers from the unsuccessful is that they believe they‟re doing what they were put her to do. The difference between this and

just living, is that the latter is just getting through the week with the least problems. But when you live your life on purpose, your main concern is doing the job right. For the entrepreneur this means finding a cause you believe in and building your business around it.

  1. Be Willing to Pay the Price – Be willing to pay the price for your dreams. Wanting a big house, a luxury car, and a million dollars in the bank is all very nice, and everyone wants these things – but are you willing to pay the price to get them? This is one of the major differences between the successful and unsuccessful.
  2. Stay Focused – Every day we‟re bombarded with hundreds of tasks, phone calls, messages, and everyone competing for our time. Focusing requires giving up something in the present because you are investing your time in something that will pay off big-time down the road. Jack

Canfield and Mark Hanson were turned by 30 publishers when they submitted the first “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book. Instead of giving up, they stayed focused on their goal and did four or five interviews per day for radio, TV, and newspapers, for five days a week for a whole year. Eventually, a small publisher decided to take a chance, and of course now it‟s a best-seller that spawned an entire series that have sold more than 10 million copies.

  1. Become An Expert in Your Field One striking factor all successful people have in common is how seriously they take their profession. They strive to be the best at what they do, and do almost anything to improve. If someone followed you around all day with a video camera at your business, would it be a tape you‟d be proud of or embarrassed about? Make the decision today to work at being the best in your field. How? By finding out what the “best” in your field are doing, and do what they do.
  2. Write Out a Plan for Achieving Your Goals – Write out an action plan/map for how you‟re going to achieve your goals. Trying to reach your goals without a plan is like trying to drive from

Los Angeles to Chicago without a map. A goal that isn‟t written down is merely a wish or fantasy.

Never Give Up – Never, never, never give up. When you‟re fully committed to achieving your goal, giving up is not an option. You must be willing do whatever it takes to make it happen. The power of perseverance is an awesome force. As someone once said, “inch by inch it‟s a cinch”.

Think of the lowly inchworm – if it pondered the length of the trip from start to finish before it started, it probably would never move. To a worm‟s point-of-view, the garden path must look like a trip to Mars. Never give up! Keep on going like the EverReady battery bunny, and pretty soon you‟re there.

Don’t Delay – Nobody knows how much time they have left to accomplish their dreams, and we must remember that we don‟t have forever. The clock is ticking, and sooner or later your number comes up and you‟re gone. Successful achievers know this too, but they don‟t view it as a “negative”. Achievers use it to “spur them on”. They go after what they want as energetically and as passionately as possible, for as long as they have.

Apply these and you will officially be a successful internet marketer.

Chapter 2 – Niche Marketing Fundamentals

Choosing a proper niche can be the hardest thing for a new Internet Marketer. This is usually because a newbie marketer will use keywords that are to broad, such as “Weight Loss”.

A better niche would Liposuction Information, for example.

I usually find offers that give away something free and only require that an email address be entered are very easy to see quick results with. I also try to target women more then men with the videos I upload. This is because I just personally believe a female is more likely to convert with most offers as opposed a male visitor, although this is, like anything, debatable. Just something I thought I‟d share as far as demographics and how to find high converting traffic.

Try to avoid niches that are “saturated”, meaning there is too much competition. Too much competition and you won‟t make a cent. Once you have chosen your niche market For example, a free iPhone. The iPhone is a very hot product right now and people are crazy about it. Find such an offer with the network you have signed up for.

Try and pick an offer that has a landing page that is well designed.

Typically a well designed landing page is designed in such a way that the only action the visitor can do is to fill out the form or close the page.

Chapter 3 – Harvest/Download/Edit/Upload

Software List:


If Tubeblaster asks you to update, click “Or Click Here To Update.” Then click “Check for Update” It will ask you if you want update, click Yes. The program will then download the upgrade. Once it‟s complete, the program will restart itself, but a Tubeblaster Setup window will also pop up. Just simply close the Setup windows and you will be able to use the full functionality for Tubeblaster once you supply it with a username/pass.

FireUploader (Free Firefox Add-on)

VDownloader (Free)

icrosoft Excel _Keys

Camtasia Studio

Audacity 1.3 BETA (Free)

Movavi Video Converter 8

Optional: Adobe Photoshop

Optional: EverProfits Internet Explorer Toolbar

Now that we have all our programs,

I’d like to make a quick note that the reason I feel YouTube has the most earning potential is not only the fact that it is one of the most popular site on the internet, where the users stay on the longest, but Google, who of course own YouTube, give YouTube videos advantages in their own SERPs. This means if you make a Video that is targets keywords without much competition, you are almost guaranteed a top position in Google searches because of how Google weighs the importance of YouTube links.

This next part of the book will teach you how to upload unlimited videos in an automated process that allows you to make money while you sleep, play video games, whatever.

Think of it this way, you are about to put up hundreds of billboards, in Times Square, New York, for free. That’s just an analogy, but when you think of it that way, you realize the true potential of this method

Make this your initial goal: Upload 10,000 videos to YouTube in your first month. Lets make the easy assumption that each of these videos earns you 1 dollar, you have earned not only $10,000, but also all the residual income that your videos will produce in the future.


Open up TubeBlasterPro, and supply it with 1 YouTube Account.

Click Login.

Select the option “Gather from all following pages”

Enter a phrase you‟d like to dominate, such as Acai Berries, Tooth Whitening, iPhones, Laptops, ect, ect.

Click “Start Gathering” and TubeBlasterPro will harvest all the URL‟s for whatever search term you provide.

Once you have collected a decent amount of video links (+1000) using different search terms related to your niche, close TubeBlasterPro and load Microsoft Excel. Don‟t be scared, this part is very simple.

Step 1. Enter into cell A1

Step 2. Open up the text file with the video ID‟s you collected with TubeBlasterPro. This file should look similar to the picture below. Click Edit -> Select All. Then click Edit -> Copy

Step 3. Go back to your open Excel document. Right Click on cell B1, select “Paste Special” from the list of options. A new window will pop up .

After selecting “OK” on this screen, Excel will now look similar to this:

Next, double click the bottom right corner of cell A1. I threw an arrow into this image so you can easily see where you must double click. This will fill the entire A column with the content of cell A1.

Excel will now look like this:

Next, click in cell C1 and type this into the cell. Include the Equal sign!


Double click on the blue box that appears as you are typing in “=CONCATENATE”

Now, left click on Cell A1, then press the comma key on your keyboard, and finally left click on Cell B1. Press Enter and you will see that Excel has combined the contents of cell A1 and cell B1, and puts the result in cell C1. See picture below. This should be your result.

Next, double click the bottom right hand corner of Cell C1. This will fill all of column C with the URLs you will need to mass download videos off YouTube using VDownloader.

Once column C is filled, right click anywhere in column C and select “Copy”

Now, open Notepad and paste the URLs. Save this text file.


This is probably the easiest part of the process. Open VDownloader

Select “ORIGINAL FILE (NO CONVERSION)” from the list of Output Formats.

Click File -> Batch Download

Click “Open Text File” and select your list of video links you created with Excel.

One more thing, the default simultaneous download is set to 10, but you can change this in the programs settings.

The nicest thing about this part is that you can run VDownloader while you‟re sleeping, playing a computer game, or watching a movie. I never really experienced any lag while running Vdownloader even with 10 downloads at once.

Once the list of videos has been downloaded, make a folder that is relevant to the content of the videos. For example, if you mass download a bunch of videos about the iPhone, make a folder called iPhone Videos and keep the videos nicely organized. When you have a couple thousand videos about various niches, you will be very glad you stayed organized!


For every video that is uploaded to YouTube, a “fingerprint” is created. This is YouTubes method of detecting duplicate content. The problem with duplicate content is that you receive penalties from YouTubes‟ search feature and Googles‟ SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Luckily, it is easy to fool YouTubes‟ fingerprinting technology. Open Movavi Video Converter 8. Click File -> Add Video.

Select the videos you‟d like to make unique, Left click on the video at the top of the list, hold the Shift button down, then scroll down to the bottom of the list and left click on the last video.

Now click Edit -> Add Watermark. You may include a visually appealing image watermark (recommended), or standard text watermark, as seen in the image below.

Leave Movavi running overnight if you are watermarking bulk numbers of videos.

Avoid duplicate audio content:

Lets say you want to upload a new popular album that just came out, and send the viewers you get to a ringtone CPA offer that pays $11 per cell phone number submit. Well, if you have tried this before, you probably notice your videos get taken down just seconds after being posted. I will teach you how to stop this from happening, and fly under YouTubes radar.

First, you need to know how to change the MP3 files your going to use in your videos in such a way that will fool YouTube into thinking the audio track on your video is unique and hasn‟t been uploaded before. The way you accomplish this is with the program called Audacity. Here is a quick tutorial that will show you how to slightly change the pitch of your MP3s, not by enough that is discernable by the human ear, but just enough to trick YouTube.

  1. Open Audacity 1.3 Beta
  2. Click File -> Edit Chains
  3. Click Add in the bottom left corner.
  4. Name the chain “Change Pitch And Save”
  5. Now Click Insert and Select Change Pitch from the list of commands, then click Edit Parameters
  6. Where it says Semitones (Half Steps) change 0.00 to 1.00 and click OK.

7. Click Insert again, this time select Export MP3 from the command list.

  1. Now click Ok to close this part of audacity.
  2. Click File-Apply Chains
  3. Select “Change Pitch And Save” from the list of available chains.
  4. Click “Apply To Files” and select a folder with MP3‟s you‟d like to pass through Youtubes‟ Duplicate Content filter.
  5. Sit back and let Audacity do its magic.
  6. Once it is done, you can use these MP3s with video creation programs such as Camtasia, and you‟ll notice your videos aren‟t being taken down for copywrite!

STEP 4 – Mass Uploading And Keyword Optimization

This is the final step to complete your very first mass upload to YouTube, so let‟s get right to it.

Open Fire Fox, Click Tools -> FireUploader. Select YouTube from the list of sites, then click Manage Accounts, as you can see below.

Press the “Clear” button and then enter a YouTube Account and password.

(Make sure you use an account that has been verified by email, otherwise you will not be able to login with FireUploader.)

Next, click the Browse button within FireUploader. Below is an image to help you find it easier.

Now, navigate to the folder where you keep your watermarked videos, and select all the videos you would like to upload. You‟ll notice the left section of FireUploader is now full of your videos.

Left click on one of the videos that you just loaded. Now, hold down the shift button while clicking on a video near the bottom. This is how you can select multiple videos with FireUploader.

Click the small orange arrow that is pointing right. Check out the image below if you can‟t find it.

The Upload screen will pop up, asking you to enter your keywords, the category you‟d like the video to be uploaded to, and a description of the video.

STEP 4a. Quality Titles

Gaining views to your video

Good Titles vs. Bad Titles – Understand the difference!

Cute Baby – very bad title Cute Baby Dance – It is better

Cutest Baby Dancing To Beyonce – It is even better

Cutest Baby Ever Dancing To Beyonces Single Ladies – I would say this is the best Sexy Girl – Very Bad Title

Sexy Girl Stripping – Better

Sexy Girl Stripping For You – Even Better

Sexy girl stripping in front of a policemen – I would say this is the best

Keep in mind: Do not use generic terms or generic numbers for a title, since that would not be credible. Use more exact details and people will pay more attention.

Other catchy phrases: Oh my god, THIS is insane, the WORST signer ever, usually demand attention from user.

Be sure to include capitalization in your title, but not a full title written in caps letters. Just highlight the most important ones.

You can also use misleading titles: For instance you upload a trailer, but say:

“See the FULL movie here” People will enter to see the video like crazy.

Or, lets say you have a simply sexy strip video: You use phrases like Sexy girl stripping in front of a policemen” even if your video may be just a simple strip one. The idea is to make the visitors watch the video. Later in the report you will see how you can benefit from it.

STEP 4b. Quality Tags

IMPORTANT – FireUploader does not like tags with spaces.

If you want to use the tag “Kobe Bryant”, you must instead split it into 2 separate tags, Kobe and Bryant.

The best method of collecting quality, relevant tags is Google Keyword Tool.

Or, the YouTube Exclusive Keyword Tool:

Enter in a search term relevant to your videos. For example, if you have a bunch of iPhone videos, search the term “iphone” at the link above. This will help you find popular keywords based on a root word or words. Collect about 10 keywords with good monthly traffic, these will be your tags.

Write as many tags as you possible can, just try to keep it under 100 characters, because there is a limit.

STEP 4c. Quality Descriptions


First thing, your description should contain your url with http://www at the beginning. Then press enter 4-5 times.

Put tons of text here, take one of those keyword research tools that generates results

on an input keyword, such as EverProfits keyword tool for Internet Explorer. There is a part of EverProfits that will let you grab articles based on a keyword. Use one of the articles EverProfits provides as the description of your video.

So far, YouTube search engine is based on descriptions but it does not penalize word spam so to speak. This will drastically improve your rankings in the Youtube search engine.

Step 4d. The Benefits of the First Uploader.

One of the secrets of gaining YouTube views is to be the first one to upload a potential viral video. For instance, be the first one to upload a new trailer of a movie or of a game. Be the first one to upload the highlights from champion leagues. Be the first one to upload the latest celebrities‟ spoofs. Try to take new videos from other websites and upload them fast to YouTube.

Using Google Trends to look for new popular search terms can also prove to be lucrative, depending on the keyword of course.

Example: I uploaded a 30 second clip of Obama swatting a fly. I discovered the popularity of the keywords “Obama Swats Fly” thanks to Google Trends. I was the first one to upload this viral video to YouTube.

The next day I was amazed to see that the video had received over 250,000 views within 24 hours. This one video earned me over $900.

Example 2: When Patrick Swayze died, it was big news for about a week. I found a tribute video from the TV show dancing with the stars and uploaded it, including my affiliate link. Two days later, this video hasn‟t been taken down and has 300,000 views, and is still making me money today with a free i-Phone offer.

Use the YouTube search feature and choose to rank the videos by the most recent uploaded. There you can see potential gem videos. Take them and re-upload them using proper tags, description, and titles to make them viral and surpass the original video.

You can use the same method but at another websites: see the most recent uploaded videos and re-upload them to YouTube with proper title, description, and tags.

Another trick from here: Have an established YouTube account, old and with plenty of views. This way, if you upload a

shady video, your account is not going to get banned, just the video will be removed. If a new account uploads an adult video and is flagged, youtube tends to ban the account as well not only the video. If an established account uploads an adult video and is flagged, the video is removed, but the account is not deleted.

Another benefit of established YouTube accounts is that you appear more often on related videos, or more videos by this user and you get more exposure.

Chapter 5 – How To Promote Your Videos

I have seen recently this only technique being sold for 19$.

It is very simple and can be accomplished in 2 different ways: The first one is to purchase software on the market that auto comments and auto rates on your video. TubeBlasterPro is capable of doing this easily..

You could also download iMacros for FireFox and make your own Rate/Comment script. You will get plenty of comments and 5 star ratings on your video, so your video is going to be honored as the most voted and the most discussed within its category.

The second method to inflate your ratings and search engine exposure is too make multiple accounts and comment and rate your video manually. This might sound very hard, but the reality is that don‟t need many comments and stars to get featured as many people do not bother with this.

Another thing that you can do is to appeal to the people sentiments in order to comment and star your video. For instance, if you have made a video about your dog, say in the video, if you liked this dog please rate and comment. If you put a sexy video say, if you like her, please rate and comment. If you have put a movie trailer, say if you have seen the movie, please rate and comment. This will increase the conversions to your website.

Here is a list I‟ve developed of the most popular types of videos on YouTube.


-Funny, comedy

-Drama = shock, bad accidents, stuff like that -cute = babies, pets, etc..

-Llatest games, movies, shows etc.

Chapter 6 – Turning Viewers Into Too Money

There are several facts that need to be keep in mind..

First one: COMPLETELY watermark the video with your URL.

This means from beginning till the end, not just beginning, not just the end, not just in the middle. Completely. Because there will be other people who will just take your video, edit it and remove your credits, and then add their own credits in order to gain traffic. By completely watermarking the url, you avoid this.

Second one: Make use of the TOS restrictions in order to drive traffic to your website. For instance YouTube videos forbids the adult videos. You can just take a soft sexy video, and at the end of the video, say: “YouTube TOS forbids us from showing more. Please visit our site to see more”

Or you can just take an adult video, cut the introduction part where there is no nudity, and upload that one, with the same message. This is REALLY a killer, you will get plenty of traffic using it.

Most of the users are looking for adult videos on YouTube, but they can not find them. When you will display such a message, be sure they will become your visitors. You will learn more how to monetize the traffic and this kind of traffic later on in the report.

Another example: Upload a trailer of a movie and at the end say:

“In order to see the full movie online, visit”. You will later learn how to monetize this kind of traffic.

Third Method: Give them just a little of what they want, and at the end of the video redirect them to your website to see everything.

For instance, let‟s say you just upload a video of a kid walking on a street, when a bus is coming towards him. STOP it before the end, and display the message: You want to see what happens next? Visit

Another example: Upload a video of a people near a lion, crocodile, elephant, everything. Suddenly, the animal is getting nervous,- you can get plenty of such video on YouTube, – and starts to attack the owner. You stop the video before the attack and say: You wanna see what is next? Visit www. Etc. com

Yet Another Example: Lets say you just downloaded the highlights from a famous soccer game, all the goals and misses everything. Lets say the score was 3-2 . Cut the video and make separate video for each goal. And then upload each goal with the message at the end: “If you want to see the full highlights and the other goals, visit us.”

The example are countless…here is one more.

Prolong the end of the video with Camtasia and watermark it with your url. What does that means? It means that at the end of the video , there will be like 30 seconds of a background and just your URL displayed there. Why is this useful? Since at the end of the video, YouTube and other websites display advertisements or related videos thumbnails. IF you just made a video trying to send your visitor to your website, and

he sees those advertisements, he may be distracted. By putting a black background just with your URL on it, you assure that nothing will distract your viewer, at least for the time he is looking there.

Other Ways To Monetize Your Traffic..

6a. Domain parking

In domain parking you just need a domain and a company will build a website for you with ads on it. When people enter and click ads, you are getting paid.

Domain parking allow only type in traffic, without any influence

from you, as you may know or not. This means that the visitors have to enter the website, writing in their browser your URL. This can be exploited by using videos.

Why? Simply because they can‟t trace the source of your traffic. All your traffic will be type in , meaning people typing in the URL from your video. Make sure NOT to include any link in the description. This works flawlessly with adult traffic, which it is not allowed by adsense. You just use the techniques described above to drive traffic, and send them to domain parked pages. They have no potential idea how to find your source of traffic. I have done this and never got banned from it. The only problem you may have is if you send them enormous traffic, without any conversions. But this happens with every service, if you send the crap traffic, they will bust you.

This is the simplest way to monetize YouTube traffic and it works great. You do not need to pay for hosting or anything else, just for the domain. They will display ads, you can send also adult traffic, you get paid.

6b. MADE FOR ADSENSE websites.

A simple page with ads from AdSense work perfectly in any niche. Make sure you send traffic, people are not finding what they want in your page, but they may find the answer in the ads, if you know what I mean.

For instance, make a video saying if you want to make money online come here. Send them to a page, where there is an article about making money online, but not any real information, just some general generic stuff They will be unsatisfied, and they will see those Google ads with MAKE 1000000$ in 3 days. They will click them. Simple as that. Of course you can use this with pay per action or affiliate programs, and AdSense as well, this way you will combine your source of traffic.

6c. LEAD Generation

This means that the visitors are supposed to complete an offer for each you get paid. This is my preferred use for my videos.

Depending on what offers you choose to promote, you need to upload different videos. For instance, if you have an offer like win a free iPhone, then you can go and make a videos with iPhones and at the end put your ad with a link that redirects to your affiliate link.

Ringtone offers can be excellent, easy cash, This is because the viewer is not required to have a credit card, only a cell phone number. This means you can cash in on younger people with cell phones ignorance when it comes to CPA marketing

Zip/ email submits work great, Vote for a star, works great as well, almost anything. You just have to be creative. For instance, if you just have made a video about Jessica, say at the end: if you love Jessica, go and vote it here. (aff offer)

Another method of forced sign ups:

Make a video with the title: download fifa 2008 full here. Or download Bourne ultimatum here. Etc…

Make a few slideshow telling them if you want to download press the link in the Description.

In the description place a link to a rapidshare file. The rapidshare file should contain a folder that should contain an encrypted file with a password, and a doc document. The document should say something like this:

-In order to get the password, go to www.etc. com, here you put your affiliate link -ZIP/Email submite, or complete the offer

-At the end of the offer the first word on the left is your password.

They will go complete a free offer for which you get paid, and then have their password and download their stuff.

In order to ensure that nobody will comment something in the comments section that will give away the password, or will just say that is scam, MAKE SURE TO TURN OFF the comments.

You can always moderate them, but there is always better to just turn them off. No need to receive countless emails from YouTube with their comments on the video.


This method can be difficult. It is very hard to sell to people that are coming to YouTube to watch entertainment. The easiest way of selling them, is to collect their emails, and later on send them offers with affiliate products. For instance, tell them, if you are interested in weight loss products, then visit www. Etc. com , and here should be a squeeze page, where you can collect their email. Later on, you can send them emails and they will read it more carefully. You can always try to send them from the video

to your affiliate links, and you may get some conversions, so try to experiment.

Another tip is to embed your url WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS instead of an URL. For example, if you have just made a video about making money online, then tell them, if you are interested in talking to a real internet marketer, add me in your mess list with this id etc. You will build a list of POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS in your e-mail address book..

Think a little, there you can mass send them message at your mercy, and your ad will be displayed in front of their eyes instantly, you can see how many are online, etc.. A good strategy of marketing that gives better results than the classical email marketing method , at least for me.

Chapter 7 – Bonus Facebook Method

Here is another method I would like to provide to you as a bonus for purchasing this e-book.

Ok, this method is quite simple and VERY flexible. I can provide you with examples of my own success I‟ve seen through Facebook Marketing, but it is up to you to add your own twist!

Also, it is important that you are using a different IP for each account. This prevents FaceBook from being able to link your accounts and ban them all.

Start by making 5 FB accounts. Use female names like Amanda Swan when registering.

Now, you need to find large FB groups that are relevant to whatever CPA offer you are pushing. This part is pretty easy.

The ideal groups you want to target don‟t have filters on their wall posts that separate the group creator posts from fans posts. Also join groups that have more than 200,000 fans. Anything less than that isn‟t worth dealing with.

Example: A few months ago my CPA Company (MaxBounty) was running a free Sephora make up gift card offer that paid 3 dollars per 2 page submit.

So, I found the Sephora group on FB and was happy to see it had over 300,000 fans. I registered the name “Sephora Free” and uploaded the exact same image the company was using on their group page. Why did I do that?

Because when people scan the group page, they will see that you have the groups picture, so their eyes will meet with your message and you will have higher conversions.

Most people don‟t even spot the difference between the display name Sephora and Sephora Free.

This particular ad that took two minutes to post and was making me $50 a day consistently, with little to no effort.

So, continuing on…I would become a fan of a large network such as Sephoras group page. Then I would post something along the lines of this…

“Did anyone hear about the Mac gift card giveaway in the latest Allure magazine? If you haven‟t, just go to http://affiliatelinkhere and enter your email, then use coupon code MAC250 on page 2”

(There really isn’t a page 2, this is another trick to seem “real” and encourage people to click your link.)

Now, login to each of your 4 other accounts, using a different IP each time, and click the

“Like This” button. In addition, leave a positive comment from your other accounts, such as the following:

“This is still working, just got an email saying I won a gift card!!”

“Did Christmas come early? Thanks for sharing the link!! Freakin awesome.”

Something along those lines will really raise your first posts credibility, which is the whole reason you need to comment from other accounts. This will guarantee you some excellent conversions ratios. If done properly!

Another way this could be applied is with “free” ringtones offers. MaxBounty payouts for their FlyCell cell submit page is $11. The best part about cell phone submits is they pay well, and a credit card is not required to be paid for your leads. This is great because you can market ringtones to the younger pre-teen demographic who are not very savvy when it comes to CPA advertisements.

So you want to cash in on ringtones on Facebook? Here‟s how.

Type in “music” into Facebook’s search. You will see 3 or 4 groups that have over a million fans each. Of course FB groups of popular bands also works nicely.

Join a few LARGE groups on one of your accounts, and post something like this to the groups wall.

“Does anyone know a site that will send me (insert popular artist here) ringtones directly to my blackberry bold cellphone?”

Now, use your other accounts to comment the wall posts you made. Reply with comments like below.

“Using fly-cell for my ringtones, never had any issues at all with them, and they have almost every (insert popular artists) song in ringtone form. Also it works with blackberry storm, iphone, whatever.”

Chapter 8 – Bonus Yahoo Answers Method

Yahoo Answers is becoming one of the fastest growing websites on the web for a good reason, it solves people‟s problems. People come online for a solution whether it be a product or information, making a sale or generating ad revenue is as simple as being helpful.

Let me start off by stating this, you will get what you put into this, just like the YouTube and Facebook methods I provided earlier. Sure this method like most can be automated and outsourced eventually but for the noobs starting out, you will have to put some work into it.

I can guarantee the people out there willing to put in the effort, following this guide will make you $100+/day easily and of course once mastered with new accounts and/or products that convert more often the possibilities are endless.

OK let‟s jump into this thing and make some cash, Yahoo Answers is much different than most classified/posting websites. It allows any user to come in with a question and have people compete to answer it. Generally the more detailed question which strikes the user to have the most knowledge will win, this is why I felt it was necessary to post the previous information.

Let‟s look at the accounts you will need and some of the limits of Yahoo Answers, much like Craigslist there are people out there looking for savvy IM‟s trolling the website to paste their affiliate link. YA is not against people helping people and making a sale while at it, however there are some issues.

YA limits your account if it is new, meaning you cannot dive in and spam the place (unless you like getting banned of course).

So let‟s make some accounts, while creating your new accounts it is advised that you change your I.P. address for each account created, this is so YA will not ban our main ip address believing we are just making accounts to spam the website. Let‟s make about 30 accounts on different IP addresses, I‟m going to have to assume you know how to change your ip address at this point if not ask around someone will be willing to guide you in the right direction.

30 accounts means we will have 15 fresh accounts to ask questions, and 15 fresh accounts to answer questions. You can answer other people‟s questions with either set of accounts however this would mean that you are gambling at not being the top choice.

This makes your accounts more credible however so don‟t be afraid to do it every once in a while. When answering your own however you can certainly pick yourself as a winner while doing this however it is recommended you are not logged in to two accounts on any one IP address, this is a really bait-out way to say “Hey look Yahoo, I‟m answering my own question like an idiot. Please ban both accounts!”

When you answer your question with an affiliate product, CPA offer, or a website with your ads on it to generate revenue, wait a few days for other answers to build. Don‟t just give it all away at once let it turn into as popular a category you can before choosing your own answer as the winner. This guarantees more views/ gives you a look of legitimacy.

While posting your link add it to your „source‟ when posting and YA only accepts formats of http before the link. This source should *always* be followed up by a great answer that shows you have knowledge about the question otherwise people are going to wonder why their 300 word answer wasn’t picked over your 30 word one with no intelligence. OK so, by now we have at least 1 question account, and 1 answer account, let‟s get some traffic to this YA mini-site (your question page).

This is what I wanted to cover next, I know some of you are saying why would I do this over and over again if I can just put an ad on Craigslist once and get 200+ responses…

Google considers YA to be an authoritative website, all of us SEO specialists know this means big potential results on some even bigger keywords. Each of your 15 question accounts should have a product to promote EACH, you should be looking for keywords on the niche of this product that you can tackle down and slaughter on the search engines. Too bad we can‟t control the title of the question though, ooohhh yeaaaa, we

STARTED the question so we have prime placement of our keyword possibly in the headline (see what I‟m getting at?).

If you thought YouTube, and Craigslist can bring traffic to your offers/websites you can mark down another new website that can bring you more traffic (not to mention it‟s more targeted as well).

Let me explain why this is more targeted, most people here are sharing life experiences and solutions that work for THEM PERSONALLY. Any marketer can tell you a true genuine response in someone‟s brain is better than an ad, it just works better you cannot compare the 2! You will have more eager people to write your CPA‟s, read more quality content, signup for your opt-in lists, or even buy your products than ever!

Sorry getting a little carried away here as usual, let me mention some more specifics for the starters out there.

Much like Craigslist postings you are going to want to mask your affiliate links however to remain inconspicuous within YA your going to probably need a domain related to your niche. If your making a post about acai berries helping your kid get out of his hospital bed your going to want some kind of diet/cleansing domain like

Also for the starters out there some great affiliate programs to join to promote these offers are:

  • Neverblue Ads
  • Azoogle Ads
  • Copeac

Also each of your posts should have a unique IP address to them, yes this is a daunting task but nothing compares to looking legitimate and continuing your business without disruption.

Let me recommend some offers/types of questions that convert well in YA. Some great ones are freebies, yes there are people that see them as illegitimate however you would be surprised of how many idiots there still are on the internet thinking they will really get an iPhone if they input their email in a field.

Another great niche to target is the mortgage/loans niche. We can use some fear marketing in this current economic situation and promote these products. Some of these loan can go for about $9/lead with about only 6-10 fields, and there completely free to the user so why would not they want to do them.

I had a few days where I got about 60 leads for this loan offer paying about $9.50 for an application, most of them found me online as I had a very lucrative keyword at the time that was in the top 10 in Google showing my mini site (YA page).

This is not uncommon you can get many keywords in the top 10 using this method, and make BANK while they are up there. Making $1k/day is not an impossible task at YA, however be prepared to do some thorough keyword research, if you have a great keyword research tool then you will be fine, I‟d personally recommend keyword discovery, but Googles‟ Keyword tool can work also.

CHAPTER 9 – [BLACKHAT] The Sexy GF Method

BEFORE YOU BEGIN…if you are going to do any method that involves iFraming, you better spread your income amongst different methods. Making more than $50 a day will make your AM more suspicious of your traffic. Be sure to rotate your different affiliate links often to stay under the radar with this.

This method is very Blackhat (but profitable) because it involves iFraming and blanking your referral link.

STEP 1. Purchase a domain such as,, something to that extent perfect.

STEP 2. i-Frame an email submit offer onto a “verification page” for anyone who clicks the above image.

STEP 3. Go promote the website wisely, such as posting something creative to get people to

“vote for your girlfriend in a modeling contest” on any teen or young adult forum, social bookmarking sites like digg.

STEP 4. Begin a YouTube campaign with tons of sexy girl videos. Be sure to completely watermark the videos with something like “Vote for me as a top model at :D”

STEP 5. Begin a social networking campaign. Use Facebook and YouTube and comment on HIGHLY trafficked pages and groups. Post something like what I‟have provided below…

My girlfriend is actually participating in a top web model award online and I would really love her to win. Just visit and vote for Jessica. I would highly appreciate if you refer your friends to vote as well.

As an appreciation, If my g/f wins I will make a video of my g/f thanking all the ones in this forum who voted.


Doug Benson

CHAPTER 10 – [BLACKHAT] iFraming For Dummies

This chapter will teach you the dark art of iFraming. Be warned you need to know how to stay under the radar if you plan on implementing anything that involves iFraming CPA offers.



To Know How To iFrame And Blank Your Refer.

Craigslist Posting Abilities (Recommended).

The Ability To Create At least a Simple Site.

Your Own Domain Name

Your Brain. (Required)

So some guy dies. It happens, we all know it. Get over it. It’s time to make money off a generous rich millionaire. In this example my rich millionaire is “Michael Bloomberg”

Set up a website “In memory of Michael Bloomberg” but you can add any name with a fake bio and picture of an old man or woman.

“Mike Bloomberg was an avid traveler, and upon his death stated in his will that he would leave $50,000 in a fund to 25 people who can’t afford to travel. this website was set up for the first 25 people to register for a trip funded exclusively by the estate of Allen Mike Bloomberg.”

This website was created on , <insert javascript date>, So far < slow countdown javascript > lucky people have been invited.

This is not a joke, and only the first 25 people will be contacted. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, if you would like more information, please email

Please remember this is a time sensitive manner and we may not get to your email before 25 people have registered, don’t wait complete the form below”

(Insert iFramed CPA offer HERE)

Create a craigslist campaign, Auto reply and send them to your website.

CHAPTER 12 – [BLACKHAT] Smiley Links <smiley image>

In short: spam forums or blogs or comments and link back to your site using a smiley as an anchor text. Your hidden link will go unnoticed but it will help you as far as seo is concerned – despite not having a proper anchor text.

Visual description:

If you click any of the above smileys it will lead you to another website.

You can post on forums and include a smiley back-link, or you can leave a comment on a WordPress blog and include a smiley back-link, and the mods will have a hard time detecting your hidden link cause the smiley will look just normal.

You can create an image of a smiley, and then cookie stuff with the image method using a innocent smiley, well… you know…. a lot of possibilities.

Oh yeah, for the noobs the codes:

CHAPTER 13 – Easy Back Links

This chapter will answer all your questions about what a back link is and how to get them with minimal effort.

A back link is a link that is incoming from an external site that points to your domain. There are different levels of quality when it comes to back links. Generally the quality of the back link is determined by the external sites page rank, along with a few other criteria. You can NEVER have to many back links. It‟s getting them easily that‟s the problem. Unless you‟ve read this e-book of course.

Why are back links so important?

Back links will help you rank highly in Google SERPs! Here are some great methods to get them easily.

Cbox Links – Get fast back links by commenting on Cbox pages with your link generic comment. Google query to find an updated list of sites running this vulnerable software: allintext:[get a cbox]

AboutUs and Wiki – Two simple ones that you have probably seen around a lot when your searching for sites is the and the wiki directory , these can just be thrown up in about 1 minute flat, and make sure in the wiki directory you add some related categories for better potential. They should get you indexed pretty fast.

Free High Value Links

Here is a method to get many free .edu and .gov links. If you didn‟t know, these are high value links because Google trusts them and treat them as authority sites.

The ‟site:‟ feature in Google allows only results with that domain name or domain extension to show up.

You can “hack” this feature to allow Google to find the most relevant university and government websites related to your sites.

Google query: blog [or blog]

This will result in a long list of .gov websites that have blogs installed. Find the wordpress blogs and comment with your link and generic comment!

Also try these queries „blog‟ „blogs‟ „WordPress‟ „comment‟ „guestbook‟ „2018‟

Google query: *YOUR NICHE HERE* + blog Ex. internet marketing blog

The top result is a .edu blog that links to a non edu blog, but that blog is related and is PR3 and has edu backlinks. That is also a great relevant place to comment, even if it is not directly a .edu. On the other hand, the third result was a PR3 highly related .edu internet marketing blog with zero comments. That is easy .edu backlinks!

Play around with it!

Digitalpoint CO-Op Network

Another one that can work in some cases.

Digitalpoint developed a mass link exchange program called the DP Co-op Advertising Network (aff). After signing up, you then add 3-5 links on every one of your pages, and this earns you more linking power (coop weight). The more weight you have, the more links to your site you receive from other members in the coop. You can choose up to 15 anchor texts and there are over 30,000,000 available links in the network today. Sites have been using it to rank #1 for “Debt” “credit cards” “bankruptcy” and “loans.” Such a simple method is allowing them to outrank massive authority sites like Wikipedia, but the main concern is how long will this gravy train last and when will Google do something about it?

Google staff already know about the network, but have not yet done anything to prevent people from quickly ranking for popular terms. I just want to clarify that I would NOT recommend this technique to anyone that is going to be doing a long term link building campaign for their blogs, but I would recommend it for “made for adsense” sites, and even blackhat/greyhat temporary high profit earning sites.

Flickr Spamming – Flickr allows comments on photos taken by other people, now you can go wild and mass comment but i wouldnt recommend it, instead pick suitable pics about your niche and simply write a comment saying something smart like can i use this picture on my blog here, then drop your link, or go wild and do it anywhere.

Article Submission – If you have a product thats going to be released or a new site, its best to get the word around fast, using something like Article Equaliser or something that mass submits to a ton of article directories, this builds fast backlinks but sometimes takes time to get approved, and its best not using spammy type articles but interesting ones work better. And you’ll find that a lot of other sites scrape article sites for there own content. Giving even more backlinks.

Forum Sigs – This is a good way to get a back link on multiple pages.

I have also left out custom scripts that auto spam and whatnot, but they do exist.

CHAPTER 14 – Getting Easy Traffic

Traffic has to the the main thing you need in affiliate marketing, you need it, you want more of it, and you want quality traffic.

1. Startup page traffic.

This is normally called your browsers homepage, just like Google, MSN, Yahoo, search usually the first page you see when you load your browser. Now theres many ways to do this, you can set some scripts or buttons on your page, or try to force it with many tricks to make the end-user set your page as your homepage.

The most profitable method for this is to throw up your own search engine with adsense ads or XML ppc companies search scripts. All are profitable but it would only work if it was good, and you dont want to throw just a crappy page up as you will annoy newbies who dont know how to change it to whatever they like. So a search engine is good because if they cant change it your going to get a lot of searches made, meaning money for a long time.

2. Type-in Traffic.

As everyone here knows type in traffic can be very great at converting, say for example a friend of yours told you to visit “U TUBE DOT COM” if you did not know it from the start you could take this in a numerous amount of ways like, they are really sought after domains that only usually consist of DOTCOMS because not many people will typein a .NET, anyways these domains if you can grab them are great earners. The best method of grabbing one of these is looking for beta release sites, like this will tell you invite only sites, that are not yet public, these can be amazingly fast ways to grab upcoming potentially great traffic sites. And if you snap up typos fast could make a great earner, or a domain sale.


Bookmark traffic depending on what kind of site always leads the user back to you. These are mostly community sites or blogs, well , all sites really get bookmarks but the popular ones are usually member sites, like blackhatworld for instance. The earning potential here is great, and the traffic is recurring for a very long time, but i wouldnt recommend forcing a bookmark using scripting as that will piss the users off.

4. Linked Traffic.

This is where most of your traffic should come from, Search engines, links from blogs, directories and whatever you can think of that has link potential like blackhatworld here. The traffic is usually targeted because your anchor text is usually relevent to what the user wants to see.

5. Popups and redirects.

Popups and things can be sent from other sites, exchanges, and popups from your other network of sites. You can easily get a lot of popup exchanges to your site(s) but the traffic is poor, usually only good for the likes of PAY PER IMPRESSION.

6. Software.

A lot of software can have built in browsers, or banners, the likes of MSN messenger always usually runs an ad at the bottom of the client. This converts into traffic by clicks, and mega targeted, you can also throw traffic in your own browser, for example ebooks, and other things like that, i put ebooks here under software because sometimes ebooks can be binded into software, but its all the same, ebook traffic can be very converting , and say you write about something and spread it through torrents, p2p and other things on the subject you want to convert it can get viral.

Viral traffic is another using the buzz to spread the word, for example the likes of youtube videos, you can throw in a lot of funny videos and watermark your urls on the video. Another idea would be to upload the latest songs in the music charts to youtube or other type sites and throw in a ringtone affiliate url in the description.

A little secret called Traffic Trading

Just like in the adult marketing business a lot of adult webmasters use traffic trading as there main source of traffic, SO WHY THE FUCK ARENT YOU?

And just in mainstream it works too, but dont let them just throw a link back to you cause they could lie about there traffic and send you none whatsoever.

What can you do?


What is a traffic trading script?

A trading script automates the process of trading traffic with other websites. It tracks your hits coming in and controls your traffic going out. A good script will filter out websites trying to cheat you. When I researched several sites that had a traffic base of 1 million or more visitors a day I found that the common denominator was that 95% were all using a traffic trading script. And 90% of them were using the same script.

Why use a traffic trading script?

It will allow you to grow your traffic exponentially. You can make traffic trades all day and not worry about how much traffic your traffic trading partners are sending you. If they can only send you a little traffic then it adjusts and sends them a little bit in return. If they send you a lot then you can send them a lot of traffic in return.

A good feature of a trading script is it works automatically, and usually it generates a lot of related linking. Bringing you higher in the SERPS.

And although its tempting to trade with everything existing its best to stick with your niche only. For TARGETED TRAFFIC.

You can also use top referrer list type scripts.

A Top Referrer List is also very common on adult websites, and almost never used on mainstream sites. A top referrer list is simply a link list on your website that says “These are the top 10 sites that send me traffic”. This is a very easy way to send your top traffic trading partners back some traffic. Some larger websites even take the list as high as 100. These list also encourage other sites to send you traffic because they want to be on your top 10 list. Never underestimate the ego of another webmaster. Nothing will make him want to send you more traffic than seeing his competitor on your top 10 list. Many of the traffic trading programs will generate a top referrer list.

Also remember CONTENT is KING, thats what drives the traffic in the first place and will bring users to your site, bringing trades so make sure you have decent content. Thats probably the most important thing of all

Also remember you can go on the hunt for traffic exchanges, you dont only need them to come to you, you can look for them. A nice google search on your niche + traffic trade or + add site would do the trick.


More Easy Traffic Sources

Webrings – for example and can bring in easy

traffic but depending on the popularity of your niche, it can be quite dead. So i will skip on to something else, but always keep this idea open.

Toplist traffic – This is pretty much an easy start for anyone, its simple in a way a voting script type banner exchange, but works. Good for dating, hacking, type sites usually but there quite what i would call SEMI-GOOD.

You can popup the top-list voting page in a popup or i am sure you can cheat it with some sort of script.

Banner Exchange – Poor traffic , easy, fast, and low converting, just depending on where you do it.

Forum traffic – One of the easiest and best out there, for example if you want to promote some Gambling poker related products sign up in a forum of that niche and talk some sense, dont spam just answer reasonably and you’ll get some hits and exposure

Blog Comment Traffic – Do a blog search on your niche, for example the blogger search @ and comment on a lot of them, this can be done by hand for best results, as you can answer according to the actual post , just give it a quick read and post something semi good with your link.

Article Traffic – Writing articles can be fast, check out and and a google search will give you more. This provides a ton of backlinks as a lot of places scrape the content on article release sites. And is good because of the fact that its targeted traffic and highly convertible.

Classfieds and can convert you can place ads for anything in there and users that want it will check your shit out, you can sell things, promote things, and even trick them, for example say you are running a dating site, post in the dating sections, Hi i am a girl 24 from such and such i am looking for a male send me a mail and ill send my pics, then setup an autoresponder to send pics and a link to your dating site, or sell a product say a car, and link to a relevant eBay search with your affiliate link in place, YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO HAVE THE PRODUCT, runs the affiliate site of eBay so check it out.

Expired domains – can be quite good expired domains have traffic and PR already. And of course links to them, they can be found even on and http://deleteddomains.comm, these come same price as a normal domain, and you can find some quite good ones. And if you want and find good ones just sell them on at high prices.

Its also a good note to research on the domains on like linkpopularity or other type sites.

Adsense – Dont even wanna get into this but the option is there. But not very newbie friendly so ill skip this .

Well there we go for a quick quick guide on traffic, i have probably missed a ton of shit out but thatch up to you to fill in.

Chapter 15 – Bypass FB CAPTCHAs

This is a method that I hold very dear to me, and I wasn‟t even really intending on ever writing about it, or telling even a single person for that matter. This chapter is actually one of the main reasons I decided to expand on my first e-book The YouTube Code Volume 1. Well I guess I‟ll get straight to it then.

I have seen people selling FB friend adders that don‟t even break CAPTCHA s. Yet people still buy these programs for +$50. Meanwhile I sit back and laugh as I can add unlimited amounts of FB friends without CAPTCHA code required, meaning a million times faster.

You can bypass all FB CAPTCHA s (except for wall posts) by logging into these 2 FB servers with Firefox (It doesn‟t work with IE.):

What are these servers, and why do the websites seem so small? It‟s because they are intended for cell phone users.

The main difference between the regular FB login site and logging in via a server intended for a cell phone user is that you won‟t be asked for a CAPTCHA when performing many actions (adding friends, private messaging (!), joining groups, posting discussions, all normally requires CAPTCHA entry.)

Oh yeah, did I mention there‟s no limit on how fast you can add friends, how fast you send messages, how fast you post discussion topics, or how fast you join groups?

Since these servers are *intended* for cell phone users, they simply just don‟t ask for a

CAPTCHA because that would be a very annoying user experience for someone limited to a cell phones key pad. And who stands to profit from FBs lax approach? You do, of course. Here‟s what these cell phone login servers look like in Mozilla.

Chapter 16 – Easy $80-$120 A Day On AC.

I call this my “Lazy Writers” method. In a moment you’ll see why. I use this method to supplement my income and pay the bills when I’m in some tough times. They pay pretty quick so its like my own personal cash advance system LOL. Except I don’t have to pay it back.

What we are going to be doing is basically finding other peoples articles that are at least 450 words, and rewriting them using what I believe to be the best article re-writing software out there: A voice recognition program. Then we get paid for every article 3 times a week. Screw “net 30” terms crap, screw waiting. When I need money I like it on at least a weekly basis.

Step One

First go to associated content and sign up for an account, you can use your a fake handle if you want to remain anonymous, it doesn’t really matter.

Step Two

After signing up you need some good software to make this work because we of course are not going to write articles the hard way (by hand).

The best software out there and the one that I use is “dragon naturally speaking”. You can either buy it yourself for $99 or download it off a torrent. Just google “dragon naturally speaking torrent” or go to piratebay and type it in the search field.

It took me about a day to download it off my connection cuz its a big file. So keep that in mind.

Step Three

After we have our software and its setup simply go to ezine articles to find quality articles and choose a topic. What I like to do it choose 4 niche topics, find 5 good articles in each topic and put them in a little notepad file.

That way I have them all ready and organized. I like to do 15-20 articles a day, netting me about $80-140 dollars a day because they usually pay you about 5-7 bucks per article so it adds up.

Step Four

Fire up your voice recognition software and bring up a blank notepad file. What you are gonna do is re-write the article in your own words quickly. DON’T worry if you make mistakes, It’ll slow you down. You’ll correct them later, just speak whatever comes to mind. Doing this its taken me about 3-5 minutes to rewrite a 500 word article. I can churn out 15-20 of these in under an hour. After you have like 20 articles just proofread them all and submit them to AC.


The conclusion: awesomeness. For about 2 hours of work everyday you can make a nice little full-time income doing this alone. The key is “speak” everything as fast as possible and create as many articles in a short time as possible. You’ll really get the hang of it after a while.

That‟s it guys. It‟s really simple. It works. If you ever need money, don’t fall for that other crap, this is a tried and true way to help pay the bills. Just do this and you’ll have enough money to invest into other methods and make more money for yourself. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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