Where To Buy Proxies – 5 Suggestions To Buy Premium Proxy Service.

What Is The Proxy?

A proxy is a server acts as a intermediary between the person accessing the system, and website they are browsing. A proxy server allow you to hide all the essential information including MAC, and IP address. So, we can say that proxy play the crucial role of protection, when it comes to security purposes.

Where To Buy Proxies – 5 Suggestions To Buy Premium Proxy Service

If you are willing to surf the internet anonymously, then proxies are the best idea. It can provide you with the best tools by which you can hide the home IP address from the entire internet world. It is very helpful when it comes to proxy server because it will hide your home IP completely by connecting to the internet.

Paid Proxies or Free Proxies? Which One Is Better?

There are different types of proxies on the Internet. Each proxy has advantages and disadvantages that are why you have to consider the drawbacks more than the advantages before you use any proxy. You may search by typing ‘Proxy list’ in the search engine, and it will show you hundreds of proxies in a second. However, when choosing proxy server, it would be better to have your own proxy server, because when you get connected through a free proxy server, you will be under the danger of getting hacked by different spyware and malware.

Where To Buy Proxies – 5 Suggestions To Buy Premium Proxy ServiceIf you do not care about any safety and privacy issues, the free proxy is ideal for you, but if you would like to safeguard your privacy, then it would be perfect to go with the private proxy. The best thing about buying private proxy is, they are available at the cost-effective rate and protects your valuable documents from viruses, malware and other intruders.

As you already know that there is free and paid version of proxies, then you may have the interest to know about the drawbacks of those proxies. You may follow the Proxy Guide where you can find more information about the proxy. The paid proxies are very reliable and faster as well as more secure than the free one. When it comes to the free proxy, it is free, and the speed is quite OK.

If you are comparing the free and paid proxies side by side, then you should have to know that nothing is perfect in this world. Most of the time the paid proxies works better than the free one, but sometimes you may have to use the free proxies because of the different condition. In the case of paid proxies, the customer service will handle all of your queries and doubts as well as problems which are rare in free.

Want To Buy Premium Proxy Service?
Don’t Know Where To Buy Proxies?

With so many benefits of proxies, you definitely would like to buy proxies but again in the vast market of proxies, it’s tough to buy without the basic guideline. This tutorial will give the necessary information to Buy premium Proxy service.

Where To Buy Proxies – 5 Suggestions To Buy Premium Proxy Service
Where To Buy Proxies – 5 Suggestions To Buy Premium Proxy Service

Regardless of the reason you want to buy a proxy, you know you need to get the best. The best proxies make the entire process seamless. Follow some tips so you can pick up the best proxies. Then, you can get down to business with your proxies.

In this article we will let you know how to buy proxies, what are the mistakes we can make while buying proxies and how to avoid making those mistakes. Before buying proxies, you must know about proxy.

5 Suggestions To Buy Premium Proxy Service

1.Figure Out Your Need and Purpose:

it’s really important to know that what kind of proxies you really need, to help you with this. I will first categorize the kind of proxies first.

There Are 4 Kinds Of Proxies Classified On The Basis Of Their Sharing Ability As Well As The Services They Provide:

  • Public Proxies
  • Semi-Dedicated Proxies
  • Dedicated Proxies
  • Rotating Proxies

Public Proxies:

download (1)

When you start searching for proxies, you will realize you have a lot of options. Let’s take a look at the various options, and then go over the one you should select. Public proxies are the first option on the list, and they are also the worst choice out there.  These proxies are free. Yes, it’s hard to pass up free proxies, but you should not be using these proxies just because they are free,  they are the opposite of the best proxies. They will get you into trouble.

Few Reasons They Are Not Good Enough Are :

  • Bandwidth:You will be stuck sharing bandwidth with hundreds or even thousands of other people. It would be like turning your password off on your Wi-Fi at home and letting the whole neighborhood use it. It would really slow down your connection.
  • IP Addresses:

download (1)

That’s just part of the problem. Next, you have to worry about IP addresses. The entire reason you want to use a proxy is so you can get a new IP address that can’t be traced to your location. It’s a way to hide your identity when you’re online. When you go with a public proxy, you are sharing IP addresses with others.

If someone does something he or she shouldn’t do with that IP address, it could get banned. That means you could end up being banned from websites before you even use them, all because of the actions of someone else.

Semi-Dedicated Proxies:

That brings you to the next item on the list. Semi-dedicated proxies sit in the middle of public proxies and private proxies. They aren’t completely private, but they are a far cry from public proxies. You will share an IP address with a couple of other people when you choose these proxies. That brings you to the next item on the list.

Dedicated Proxies

Dedicated proxies are completely private. You are the only one with the IP address, so you aren’t responsible for other people. Because you get all the bandwidth for yourself, these are the fastest of the proxies. You can use these proxies for anything you need, making them the best proxies around.

Rotating Proxies:


Rotating proxies are also private, but they rotate. Each IP address has multiple ports, and the IP address changes every 10 to 120 minutes. If you’re scraping a lot of data online, you’ll want to go with this option so you are not detected.

Which Is the Right Option?

Which one should you choose? That depends on what you want to do. Semi-dedicated proxies are perfect for basic web surfing, while dedicated proxies are great for managing social media accounts and doing most tasks. If you want to do so heavy scraping, consider upgrading to rotating proxies.

Keep in mind that you can also use dedicated proxies for heavy web scraping, but the proxy provider won’t rotate them for you. You will have to set your scraping tool up to rotate the proxies. This is easy to do, and since proxies are typically purchased in bulk, you can easily get enough proxies for this task. Just make sure you either rotate your dedicated proxies or get rotating proxies if you intend on doing any scraping.

2.Check the Speed:

Speed is important when you use proxies.  Slow connection won’t let you browse easily.  Unfortunately, some proxy providers limit the speed and the threads you can use. They might even throttle the bandwidth if you use too much.

3.Demographic Region:

your location will play an important part in your experience of using the proxies.Though you can choose proxies located around the world but few countries are prone to spams more than other countries and if you will send a request again and again in new of these countries, you are likely to be banned and then you will have to change your IP address location.

Avoid this problem by choosing proxies in a trusted location. For instance, United States proxies are a good option. You can go with another trusted country, as well.

4.Check For Subnet Diversity

You use proxies so you can stay anonymous when you’re online. Unfortunately, though, some proxy companies don’t offer subnet diversity, making it very difficult to remain anonymous when browsing online. When proxies share the same subnet, it is hard to fly under the radar. You’ll make all your requests from the same subnet, and you might get shut down because of that. Choose a company that offers various subnets. If you have a subnet with diversity then you can make requests without having any fear of getting banned or something.


Make sure your proxies company have a good support staff system.You can get your information and set up your proxies without any problem. At the same time, you want to buy proxies from a company that offers support. In fact, you’ll find the best proxies come from companies that offer first-rate support. That’s because those companies stand behind their proxies and they are more than happy to help customers. They are proud of the product and they want to do everything they can to make sure their customers get the most out of the proxies.

There’s a good chance you won’t ever need the support staff to help you, but it’ll be nice to have them at your disposal if you do.

Recommended Proxies:

We recommend Storm Proxies or Squid Proxies. Because they are the top players in the Proxy industry. They will give you almost every feature you need.

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